What To Do When You’re Prescribed Opioids

The Opioid Epidemic in America is a terrible and growing problem that has already impacted the lives of millions. The opioid overdose rate has skyrocketed, as has addiction. When communities fall into the grip of opioids, everyone stands to lose. Families are wrecked and businesses falter due to addicted employees and the crimes that follow … Continue reading “What To Do When You’re Prescribed Opioids”

The Opioid Crisis: A Timeline

Table of Contents Deep History Use Mass Opium and Ensuing Opium Addiction Opioid Painkillers Heroin’s Part in the Epidemic The Crisis Begins Overdose Rates on the Rise How to Avoid Overdose Getting Help Alternatives to Addictive Opioid Medications The opioid crisis has metastasized from its relatively humble beginnings as an urban scourge to a national … Continue reading “The Opioid Crisis: A Timeline”

The Overdose Reversal Drug Narcan and Counselors

Table of Contents What is it? Where do you get it? Injection & Auto-injection vs. Nasal Spray How to Use it What it Can’t Do Why Carry It Anyway Side Effects The Opioid epidemic is ravaging the United States and there seems to be no end in sight. Where opioid addiction and overdose was once … Continue reading “The Overdose Reversal Drug Narcan and Counselors”